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Affiliate Marketing

Social Proof

Affiliate marketing is one of the strongest ways to incorporate social proof into the promotion of your online products. So, what is social proof? Social proof is an idea that customers will conform to the recommendations by others who believe that it is the right choice.
Affiliate Marketing

About Affiliate Marketing

Before we talk about different forms of marketing being used to promote products to online buyers, let’s first understand what affiliate means. The term Affiliate is normally used to refer to an organization which attaches itself to another organization for the purpose of…

Online Shopping Pakistan

If the whole of these online stores activities over the internet is enveloped in one, the term given is very appropriately called e-Commerce, which stands for Electronic Commerce. Online Shopping gives consumers ability to buy any product, at any time, from any place…
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Price Comparison

Price Aggregators

About a decade ago, a country like the UK had hordes of insurance brokers located in high streets of almost every town and city. People living in that country heavily relied on these brokers to find them the best deals for their car insurance. With the insurance companies opening their websites with an automatic quotation retrieval facility to the public at large, a new service called…